Poem of the day

There once was a fella named Fauci,
All wizened and hobbled and slouchy,
Made out of science,
He demanded compliance,
Or else he could often turn grouchy.

I poked an influencer from a sponsored feed,
Who tweeted "Three vast and endless columns of pixels
Stretch into cyberspace...Near them, in the cloud,
Half deleted, a smashed face(book) lies, whose jaded,
phony sprinkled drip, and sneer of cold grandstand,
Tell that vultures well those fashions read,
Which then did thrive, posted on these lifeless threads,
The bots that trolled, and the subs that fed:
And on the bio these words appear:
'My name is Social Medias, King of Kings:
Look on my works, ye unsightly and re-share!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the retina display
Of that fossil wreck, wireless and square
The lonely and desperate feeds stretch far away.”


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